Purple Pepper Maths

Wiskunde NBT Voorbereidingswerkboek

ISBN: 978-1-928202-24-0

A4, 150p. R310

“Die sessies het my baie gehelp. Dit het my gehelp om uit die boksie te dink en die wiskunde probleme anders te probeer hanteer en uitwerk. Dit is baie dieselfde as die ware NBT (MAT). Ons het baie log somme gedoen in die voorbereidingsklas wat ons glad nie in die NBT gekry het nie, maar dit het my selfs baie gehelp in gewone skool wiskunde se vraestelle. Ek het vir die MAT vraestel 88% gekry! Ek het vir MBChB keuring gekry. Ek sal definitief dit aanbeveel vir ander! Dit het my so baie gehelp!” (Melize Cronje)

“My ervaring met die voorbereidingsessie was baie goed en aangenaam. Dit het my gerus gestel oor die ware NBT, want ek het geweet ek sal nie sommer minder kry vir die regte NBT as wat ek in julle proeflopie gekry het nie. Ek het beter gedoen in die NBT as in julle vraestel. Ek het finale toelating gekry vir BSc Omgewingswetenskappe by Tukkies. Ek sal beslis die voorbereidingsessie aanbeveel vir ander, want dit gee jou ‘n goeie idee van wat om te verwag in die NBT en stel jou meer gerus.” (Dine Pretorius)


Maths NBT Prep Tool

ISBN: 978-1-928202-29-5

A4, 150p. R310

“I attended your workshop on the 2nd July, and I wrote my NBT on the 6th July. The workshop was a great help, some of the questions were similar and I definitely felt confident going into the NBT after the workshop and the practice I did on the Olympiad website. My maths score was an 82%. Thank you so much for all the help.” (Faith Musoke)

“I took your course to prepare for the NBT to allow me to study at the University of Pretoria and you have asked me for a testimony. The prep session helped me by showing me what level I was at, at that time. The real NBT was easier in my opinion than the Purple Pepper Maths, which is a good thing as it meant the preparation and the advice given had helped. My result was 87%. This result allowed me to gain admission at the University of Pretoria to study BEng (Chemical). I would recommend this preparation course for anyone who has to write the math portion of the NBT as it is insightful as to how the paper will look and gives you a clear idea of how much preparation you will need.” (Regardt Taute)


NBT Kwantitatiewe Geletterdheid Voorbereidingsboek

ISBN: 978-1-928349-33-4

A5, 40p. R80

Vrae & Antwoorde









NBT Quantitative Literacy Prep book

ISBN: 978-1-928349-32-7

A5, 40p. R80

Questions & Answers








Jalapeno Paper 1 (Eng.)

ISBN: 978-1-928405-49-8

A4, 64p. R260

Gr.12 Maths Paper 1: Pre-lim Prep; Finals Prep; NBT Prep all-in-one








Jalapeno Paper 2 (Eng.)

ISBN: 978-1-928405-61-0

A4, 79p. R260

Gr.12 Maths Paper 2: Pre-lim Prep; Finals Prep; NBT Prep all-in-one








Jalapeno Vraestel 1 (Afr.)

ISBN: 978-1-928405-51-1

A4, 64p. R260

Gr.12 Wisk. Vraestel 1: Rekord Eksamen voorbereiding; Eindeksamen voorbereiding; NMT voorbereiding alles-in-een








Jalapeno Vraestel 2 (Afr.)

ISBN: 978-1-928405-63-4

A5, 79p. R260

Gr.12 Wisk. Vraestel 2: Rekord Eksamen voorbereiding; Eindeksamen voorbereiding; NMT voorbereiding alles-in-een








Bridge book (Cambridge AS)

ISBN: 978-1-928405-38-2

A5, 44p. R220

This booklet is designed for students that have successfully completed (or are in the process of successfully completing) their Cambridge A or AS Math course, or the Namibian Higher Level Mathematics course.

The author’s intention is to assist these students in bridging the gap between the mentioned courses and the South African National Senior Certificate syllabus.

Some of the topics in this booklet are also partly covered in the Namibian-or Cambridge Mathematics courses, yet a South African flavor is added here in order to highlight the correct emphasis.


Maths Gr.11 Revision (Eng.)

ISBN: 978-1-928434-10-8

A5, 58p. R260

Revision for Gr.11 and Gr.12 Mathematics









Wisk. Gr.11 Hersiening (Afr.)

ISBN: 978-1-928434-09-2

A5, 58p. R260

Hersiening vir Gr.11 en Gr.12 Wiskunde