Meyer, Willie

Magaliesberg Kaleidoscope

ISBN: 978-0-620547-10-9

A5, 258p. R180

The Magaliesberg between what is now Pretoria and Rustenburg, and the valleys surrounding it, have been home to man and his ancestors for literally millions of years.

The mountains were already ancient when the first humanoids with their clumsy gait and crude implements scavenge in the valleys for the remains of the prey of the sabre-toothed tiger and the giant hyena. In historic times the rugged rock faces impassively witnessed the arrival of the cattle herding immigrants from East Africa, the marauding impis from Natal and itinerant farmers from the Cape.

They witnessed the Dificane, the Boer civil war, the first and second Anglo Boer Wars and the construction of man-made features that changed the nature of man’s pursuits in the valleys and surrounding hills. This book is about just some of these people and their exploits.