Jesus our Philosopher – Zanele Jiane


Our days are filled with communication. Talking, listening and understanding are at the core of the human experience. Whether we are at work, with our family or the people of our community, the way we converse with those around us shapes our experiences, for better or worse. So how do we learn to talk and listen to achieve the best possible outcome? The answers are simple: Jesus has already given them in His example. In his own communication, Jesus was able to discern true motives and respond thoughtfully and logi­cally. Through Him, we can learn to make the most of every conversation. While we often turn to the words of Jesus to answer our theological ques­tions, there is also much wisdom that can be applied to many other parts of our life. We respond to God spiritually, with overflowing hearts but so many of us neglect our minds. In a time when the world is full of conflict and unending arguments, the examples in this book encourage the reader to push past knee jerk reactions and fallacies to apply our minds to what our neighbours are truly saying and respond with kindness, understanding and wisdom

As a writer, and avid reader Zanele has a deep appreciation for the art of cinematography. He finds wonder in the ability filmmakers have for bringing beauty and meaning to everyday objects and small moments. This fascination coupled with a job in IT created the perfect platform for Zanele to run his low key movie review blog. A strong testament for his love of storytelling is Zanele’s growing collection of books, DVDs and VHS tapes. Zanele lives in Kempton Park, Gauteng, is the father to three boys, and comes from a large family himself. He is a herbalist, and a community organizer When he is not watching movies, reading, or working on his own writing, Zanele loves spending times with his wife Faith, staying active by visiting the gym, and eating as much food as possible.



Dear Mr. Zanele A. Jiane,

Greetings! The Urban Christian Writer’s Guild envision ourselves as a network of diverse Christian writers working to provide bible-based solutions to challenges, issues, and questions unique to our churches and community, through collaboration, inspiration, and the mutual exchange of ideas. It is further our desire to be a unifying force in ministry, bringing together Christian brothers and sisters within the African diaspora that share our heart to engaged in producing academic, congregational, and devotional resources. It is a place where Christian writers can advise, encourage, and support one another, while both being exposed to and sharing their works.

This year proved to be a year of high productivity as many works were published by Christians of the African diaspora in the United States, the Caribbean, and the African continent. While there were many works from the motherland worthy of recognition, the voting members of the UCWG found ‘Jesus Our Philosopher’ to be a most worthy work for recognition.

With that said, on behalf of our president Zion McGregor, board members, and the urban writer’s community, we are pleased to announce that you are the 2021 International Book of the Year Recipient of the Pen Award. The Pen Award is the most distinguished Christian literary award offered by the Christian African, African American, and Caribbean/West Indies community.

We will be sharing it on our website over the weekend. We ask that you please not share the good news until it is posted on our website. Again, congratulations!

We are excited about the future works that our Lord Jesus Christ shall bring forth through you!

Leslie S.

Executive Administrator

Urban Christian Writer’s Guild


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