Welcome to everyone involved in Bookshops!

Herewith the selected books of self-published authors. In the right-hand column you can find books in alphabetical order by author. Groep 7 Drukkers’ professional team ensures the quality of the preparation and printing of books.
Please place your orders via email at epos@groep7.co.za.
If you are not registered as a bookseller with us yet, please email the following info to epos@groep7.co.za:
  • Bookshop name
  • Registration number
  • Contact person
  • Email address
  • Full street address
  • Contact number

Agreement in a nutshell


  1. Orders from booksellers are only accepted from this list.
  2. A discount of 45% applies to booksellers.
  3. On orders totalling less than 5 books, courier costs will be added.
  4. A credit note on faulty books must be requested within 7 days after receiving the applicable order.